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Concentrated Solar Power

CSP systems use mirrors or lenses to concentrate the solar irradiation on large area onto a small area, where a heat transfer fluid (HTF) absorbs thermal energy and reaches high temperatures. Electricity is generated when such thermal energy is used to produce high temperature steam to drive a heat engine (usually a steam turbine) connected to an electrical power generator.

Slide High pressure and temperature
Steam Generation
Solar Concentration Steam Turbine Electric Generator Thermal Storage
  • High Capacity Thermal Energy Storage
  • Continuous and stable energy output
  • Schedulable power production
  • Electrical Power generation
  • Heat supply for Industrial Process, both traditional (e.g. mining) and innovative (e.g. hydrogen production)
  • Solar Desalination

Cutting edge technologies

Our team continuously develops know-how on the use of innovative thermal fluids and solar collectors for high performance plants


Technical and Legal Advisory

Complete advisory service, Legal and Technical, for the assessment and development of CSP projects from the design to the execution phases



Accurate Operation and Maintenance of CSP plants to get the best from the industrial investment


Business Development

Business Development of big scale Concentrated Solar Power more efficient, economical and versatile, in order to make it more appealing from an industrial perspective

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